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The Feature of Cambodian technical intern trainee

The capital city is Phnom Penh, the language is Khmer (Cambodian language), the area of the country is about 180000 m2, the population is about 150 million. Phnom Penh’s population is about 3 million)
Cambodia has a long cultural history and over 90% of the people are Buddhist.

Cambodian culture and customs are quite far from China and Vietnam, but very similar to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar. It is said that Cambodia is southern country, locating in Southeast Asia, and is calm and relaxed nation, but since the end of the civil war, the economic open policy introduced by the Cambodian government, Cambodia has been so far experiencing average 6 to 7% annual economic growth and the Cambodian lifestyle and work style have changed, diligence in work, educational enthusiasm has been enhancing, the motivation to work is getting stronger and stronger, and the calm face’s expression in a calm mode is a characteristic of the Cambodian people. It is said that there are many parts that look like Japanese people in the past 50 to 60 years ago.

Currently, World Cultural Heritage Angkor Wat temples, which are well known in the world and that had been built under the Khmer empire that has ruled till most part of the current territory of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar, has so far, been attracting many foreign tourists to Cambodia.

Currently, the population of 20 to 30 aged young people accounts for more than 50% of the total population. Even now in the city and in the countryside there are still many big families with around 5 family members, as far as they are compassionate for their family members, they care for their family and company and they are not so assertive. They can be simply matched the needs and requirement of receiving company as a technical intern trainee.

The quality of technical intern trainees is different, even they are sending from sending organizations in the same country. Besides the issue caused by the behavior of technical intern trainee themselves, the problem is certainly related to the sending organization’s fee system, education and support system and counseling and caring methods of supervising organization and receiving company.

Following are related important factors in our company’s technical intern trainee selection process.

  • Identify areas and hometown
  • Family structure/background
  • Basic education level in Cambodia
  • Work Experience
  • Field of work experience and background
  • Matching with the requirement and needs of each supervising organization and each receiving company.
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