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Pre-departure Japanese Language Training

Support from sending organization

  1. Over 400 hours Japanese language class before entering Japan (about 5 months to 6 months)
  2. Japanese language course by the Japanese teacher (combinations of Cambodian and Japanese teacher can also be offered).
  3. Besides Japanese language, Teaching of technical words, words for a living, words for a workplace, company’s rules, Japanese law, Japanese culture, and customs are also provided.
  4. For each technical intern trainee has different Japanese language ability. We also implement the supplementary class.
  5. We arrange interpreters to support and provide consultation after technical intern trainees have entered Japan.
  • We set up interpreters/support staffs in many areas such as Kyushu, Kanto, Kansai area etc. together with our counseling support team from Cambodia. We assign interpreter residing in Japan or dispatch of the interpreter from Cambodia according to the current situation and demand from each supervising organization and each receiving company. (Especially, the arrangement of the interpreter for one month Japanese language training course after entering Japan). The expense for interpreter arrangement is negotiable.
  • We are planning to set up full-time interpreter/ representative office in Japan shortly (In process)
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