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Thanks to the economic policy of Cambodia Royal government, that can maintain an average annual economic growth of around 6%. Furthermore by recent support and cooperation from the Japanese government to develop the Kingdom of Cambodia from a low income to a low middle income, and later soon middle income in 2030 with more and more expectation that the Kingdom of Cambodia will further develop to the high-income country by 2050.

We do believe that in order to maintain and accelerate this steady and sustainable economic development, the development of human resources through international exchange of human resources is the main task and indispensable for Cambodia. Our company is known as the sending organization that has a right awareness on the purpose of this technical intern training program, and always complies with the relevant laws of both countries, Cambodia and Japan. We are committed to provide the best support and counseling and fulfill its responsibilities that technical intern trainees can rely on and trust us. Based our steady bond with a good technical intern trainee and with their families, our company has gained a lot of trusts so far.

Following the recent flexible government labor policy and the practice of the Japanese government’s concrete action plan to accelerate the economic growth of the Kingdom of Cambodia, our management policy on exchange of human resources between the two countries, especially between receiving organization and technical intern trainee, we fulfill the role of deepening mutual understanding, and we have been making a great contributor to the long-term and sustainable development of human resources.

What are our different points to other sending organizations?
Yes, we really have different points for supervising organization to choose us.
We focus on productivity improvement of the receiving company and we are implementing the selection and selection process based on “right people for the right place’ principle.

With our commitment and firm objective in this technical intern training program, we gain greater trust from receiving organization, technical intern trainee and their families, and after returning home, the technology and experience the technical intern trainee learned and gained from Japan are fully introduced and practiced in the future in the Kingdom of Cambodia, We would like to continue and promote ourselves to be a sending organization that generates eternal “genuine gratitude ” in memories of all receiving organization and all technical intern trainees’.

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