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The Cambodia’s certified sending organization!

We are a Cambodian sending organization that has been certified by the Cambodia Royal government, and over the past five years, we have sent hundreds of technical intern trainees across Japan and in various fields. Besides Japan, So far a large number of our workers and domestic workers have been sent out to Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong etc.

Under the agreement of the Cambodia Royal government and the Japanese government, we are contributing greatly to human resources exchange and human resource training projects between both countries. Technical intern trainees learn technology Japanese culture and social experience from Japan, make use of their knowledge and technology in Cambodia after their return to home country, and greatly contribute to the future development of home country’s economy and industry. In the workplace, technical intern trainee works hard and help support the growth of Japanese company as well.

The bonds between receiving company and technical intern trainee, the genuine gratitude, the smiling face showing living and working pleasure and satisfaction are very important to receiving company and technical intern trainee themselves.

Meanwhile, between Japan and Cambodia, of course, value and culture of each country are different. In order for the receiving company to be satisfied, under the proper and appropriate direction and supervision by the sending organization and the supervising organization, understanding mutual understanding is fundamental very important. To achieve this, the role of sending organization and supervising organization is a vial.

[I am glad that I went to work in Japan!] [I was able to make a good experience at a Japanese company!], we are happy to hear all these words from many many more technical returnees who bring back to a home country full of good feelings, memories, and joys from Japan.

It was the right choice that our company received Cambodian technical intern! We try harder and harder day by day with our expectation that there will be more and more company raise such voice.

To be able to increase the productivity of receiving company and to be able to make a stable and sustainable receiving of Cambodian technical intern trainees, we so far has been managing this technical trainee program based on our long-term experience in this field, the company’s trust from technical intern trainees we understand the feature of our technical intern trainee background and we conduct our own selection procedure in order to select good trainees that can match with the needs and requirement of each receiving company and each supervising organization and we provide the pre-departure education of Japanese language and technical training program with the right way to match the workplace and we provide good support after they have entered into Japan.

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